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Who Does Your Marketing?

Successfully marketing your business sounds like a lot of work.  That's because it is!  Strategic use of your marketing dollars is your best investment to drive customers to select your product or service. Like many business owners you may not have a full team of employees that only focus on marketing your business.  In fact, many times this responsibility falls entirely on your own shoulders. Too frequently business owners take a "spray 'n pray" approach to their marketing.  Sometimes falling prey to the advertising hucksters promise..."if you get just one client- it will pay for itself!" While getting 10 million impressions maybe does little to drive your sales when none of those people can even buy your product!  You throw your budget into unrealated campaigns with no structure or concept of how all this marketing needs to work together in order to achieve success.  Then you write a big check to the marketing firm...and nothing happens! Marketing needs to be strategically aligned with your growth goals and most importantly it needs to be implemented consistently each and every month.  The only question now is "Who is going to do this?" 

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