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A Proven Partner for Growth Driven Marketing

Leaders of small to mid-sized businesses know that strategic marketing is neccessary to achieve growth. Due to being pulled in many directions or lack of expertise, this marketing never quite gets executed. Client Magnet, Inc. provides a part-time or fractional Chief Marketing Officer for small to mid-sized companies to help them grow their businesses.  Client Magnet is a unique strategic marketing firms as we work as part of your leadership team on an as needed or executive-as-a-service basis. Simply put, we enjoy rolling up our sleeves and work side-by-side as a part of the executive team at our client companies.  Unlike most strategic marketing firms, Client Magnet believes that delivering world-class marketing strategy on its own creates very little value.  The only real value is created by helping the organization to execute the plan and achieve significant business growth!


Client Magnet provides flexible CMO solutions for the unique marketing needs of your business.

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